‘Best of Indonesia’ Two Centre Holiday

5 nights at NAD Lembeh Resort and 5 nights at Bunaken Oasis

This is a 10-day adventure we have put together to our favourite places; Lembeh Island and Bunkanen Oasis. This two-centre holiday allows you to experience two of the best dive sites that Indonesia has to offer.

Located in the middle of the “coral triangle” this underwater adventure holiday will include wall dives, macro and muck dives, and pristine coral reefs.

5 nights in NAD Lembeh

Lembeh lies east of North Sulawesi, Indonesia and is separated by a long, narrow channel known as the Lembeh Strait.

Lembeh is famous as one of the best places in the world to see extraordinary critters, some of which are found nowhere else on earth. Get your macro lens ready hairy frogfish, mimic, coconut and wunderpus octopus, pygmy seahorses, bobbit worms, stargazers, harlequin, tiger and emperor shrimps, ghost pipefish, a plethora of nudibranch species, mandarinfish and the endemic Banggai cardinalfish. Also have a go at ‘black water diving’ to see the many nocturnal species too.

NAD has a fantastic reputation for sublime diving and customer service.

5 nights of pure luxury in Bunaken Oasis

Bunaken Oasis redefines diving in Bunaken.  Positioned very much at the luxury end of the spectrum, the aim is to provide a 5-star luxury diving experience whilst keeping our ecological footprint to a minimum.

Bunaken has over 80 dive sites all reachable by boat, some sites are within 3 minutes and some within the hour. All of the sites are very diverse from deep walls, shallow reefs, drifts, and sandy macro sites. The centre tends to allow the groups to decide locally what they’ll do each day. 

A major focal point of the resort is a free-form infinity pool, with sun-loungers and easy access to the bar, for those who want to spend time above, rather than below, the water.

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Fly out to this extraordinary adventure to Indonesia, one of the world’s most beautiful locations.


NAD-Lembeh Resort features 10 Beachfront Rooms and 5 Seaview Bungalows with an extra day room/ office attached. All our rooms offer ocean view, air-conditioning, hot water, wifi, including full board. Our resort has only few steps, which makes our layout extremely convenient to get from your room to the restaurant, camera room, bar and floating jetty.
Our dive team consists of 15 full-time guides with over 100 years of combined experience. We guarantee a 2:1 guest to guide ratio which is unique in Lembeh, if not the world! This makes for a private dive experience and lots of time for everyone to take pictures. Air as well as Nitrox and various cylinder sizes (both DIN and Yoke) are available onsite.


The resort offers 12 large, traditionally-built villas, including one family villa with two bedrooms, and one villa near the Long House for those who may have difficulty walking. A major focal point of the resort is a free form infinity pool, with sun-loungers and easy access to the bar, for those who want to spend time above, rather than below, the water.


Day 1 :

30th August to 3rd September
NAD Lembeh resort doing 11 dives

3rd to 8th September
Bunaken Oasis luxury resort with 10 dives, 1 night dive and 1 spa treatement

NAD Resort


NAD-Lembeh Resort Lembeh Strait are famous all over the world for the peerless macro and muck diving. NAD-Lembeh is expert in Photography, Nitrox, Rebreathers – they do it all. The Lembeh Strait region offers more than just face-to-face encounters with weird and wonderful critters. They also have wall diving, technical diving, big fish dives but most importantly – a lot of muck and sand. Bunaken Lekuan 1, is a very popular wall dive with crayons and overhangs with giant barrel sponges, sea fans and sea whips. Turtle heaven, silver & blacktip sharks, batfish, banner fish. At around 5 meters its like an aquarium. Sachiko’s point dive site, located in Bunaken marine Park, is a steep wall with a good concentration of big fishes and with large massive corals. You can see large tunas, damselfishes, large angelfishes, banner fishes, sweet lips and large emperors as well as turtles. Whitetip sharks are usually resting in caves in the deeper parts and blacktip reef sharks are swimming around looking for their next meal Mandolin dive site is a wall going deep down with large steps. On the bottom on the wall there are numerous small caves where many fishes live but always be careful with the current like everywhere around Bunaken Island, it can be quite strong on this dive site! The top of the reef is very interesting and it is like heaven for macro photographers, perfect to finish this dive on shallow water

Cost includes

  • Bunaken:
  • 3 meals a day
  • Snacks
  • Unlimited tea and coffee in the cottages, and on the dive boats
  • Free laundry service
  • High-speed wi-fi
  • Free Nitrox, for Nitrox-qualified divers
  • 1 free Spa treatment
  • 1 free night dive
  • NAD:
  • 3 meals per day
  • Free Wifi
  • Snacks and drinks on the boat
  • 2:1 guiding
  • 10 days with Duxy who will be doing daily workshops to improve your photography skills.

Cost excludes

  • Equipment hire

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‘Best of Indonesia’ Two Centre Holiday