Diving in Brighton and Shoreham

The decent weather seems to be finally kicking in which means that the sun is rapidly warming up our seas. I don’t think that the majority of qualified divers in the UK have ever actually tried diving in the UK. When wearing a dry suit the diving can feel warm and be very exhilarating, you can explore historical wrecks dotted around the coast and we have a wealth of marine life. Admittedly the visibility can vary, but on average 5m allows you to see just fine.

Located just over one hour away from London, we have booked several weekends diving off the South Coast. We will meet you by our offices on Shoreham Harbour which is about 15 minutes from Brighton and has a direct train from London Waterloo. Once on the boat and depending on the currents we’ll head out to the English Channel either towards France, Brighton or Worthing. Depending on the experience levels of the divers we can either do some nice shallow drift dives or wrecks and for the more experienced some nice deep dives.

The boat we use as a lift to help you out of the water and there is plenty of accommodation in the area for those wanting to enjoy a night out in Brighton.

For details please visit our club pages, and we hope to see you for a dive soon.

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