Why a Scuba Diving Course is the worlds best Christmas present

Why a Scuba Diving Course is the worlds best Christmas present!

There are many reasons that learning to dive is the best Christmas present that you can give. Diving opens up endless opportunities and is one of the few sports that really does heighten all of the senses.
•    Fancy being weightless like an astronaut? – done, as part of the open water course you’ll learn to become neutrally buoyant!
•    Fancy looking at historical wrecks from both world wars that are in exactly the same condition that they were in when they were sank – no problem, you can even do this in the UK!
•    Fancy seeing tropical reefs, colourful marine life? – easy, you can reach some stunning reefs within about a 5 hour flight from the UK and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune
•    Fancy exploring places where few others have ever been – simple, 70% of the earth is covered in water so we know more about the moon’s surface then we do about our own oceans
•    Fancy getting away from the stresses and strains of work – diving is probably one of the most relaxing experiences you can do. Gently bimble along a pretty reef or wreck and look at the fascinating marine life. Underwater there are no moble phones, no internet and the more relaxed you are the better you are at buoyancy control and the longer your air will last for. Scuba Diving courses should really be prescribed by companies who value their employees!
•    For adrenalin junkies then why not go for some speedy drift dives, a night dive or jump in the middle of a school of hammerhead sharks
•    For children, an introduction to the world of scuba diving opens up boundless opportunities for learning and development. The education into our world’s precious oceans and the fascinating and fragile environment they support can spark a lifelong passion spanning personal and career development.  Kids will discover countless species of marine life as they embark on a journey to learn about the importance of marine conservation and the role that they can play.

Diving has no barriers. As long as you are in reasonable health then nearly everyone can dive, and anyone can be a good diver regardless of age, sex and size.
So give the gift of scuba diving to someone you love and it really will be a present for life and not just for Christmas!
Vouchers for Scuba Diving courses are available from Oyster Diving and can be e-mailed straight to your inbox.

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