What’s better – Wetsuits vs Drysuits

What to choose?

The fist thing to do when choosing a suit is to determine what water temperatures you plan to dive in

If you’re diving in temperatures below 10 degrees (Centigrade) then a drysuit will be best, however, diving in temperatures above 10 degrees a wetsuit would normally provide the best solution

One big advantage that drysuits have over wetsuits are that they keep you warm by keeping the water out and keeping you dry under the suit

However the major disadvantage of a drysuit is its cost and the additional training required to use it

More Information about Wetsuits & Drysuits

For more information about how a drysuit works check out our Drysuit Blog & information about how wetsuits work check out our Wetsuit Blog

If you would like to buy a Wetsuit or a Drysuit please check out our Oyster Diving Shop for a huge variety of Wetsuits & Drysuits from a variety of different brands and colours for you to choose from

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