What is a good set of diving equipment to get for not much money?

What is a good set of diving equipment for a beginner or a holiday diver who does not wish to spend too much money?

A bit like cars there is a vast variety of diving kit out there to choose from. But you probably wouldn’t buy the top of a range car if you’ve just past your driving test.

Most people who buy diving kit only do so once in their life, unless they are a gadget head or become more serious divers.

The equipment I have selected below is ideal for a new or occasional diver and that doesn’t want to spend a fortune. It is all great quality kit and assumes that you will do most of your diving in warmer water.

Regulators – The Aqua Lung Core’s are a great set of regulators for the money. We use them in our dive school and are as reliable as you like. If you want something a little fancier than the Aqua Lung Legend LX’s are a better and smoother breath.

Mask – a great all round mask & snorkel set is the Favola Pro set. We give this to our open water students as it tends to be a pretty good fit for most face types and is excellent quality for the money. The best tip though is to try a mask on first, it’s all about the fit!

BCD – A good entry level BCD is the ProHD (men) and Pearl which both have integrated weights and a good back support. If you want even more comfort then go for the Axiom (men) or Soul (for women). The i3 system is also worth considering if your buoyancy skills are a little shaky.

Wetsuit – If you are a standard body shape then go for Fourth Element or for a top of the range suit with dozens of sizes to choose from then go for Bare.

Computer – This is probably one of the most important pieces of dive kit you can own. They mostly do the same thing and as the more expensive you get the more features you get – a bit like the extra options you get when you buy a car. If you want a decent entry level computer then the i100 will do everything you need, or if you want a watch style one then the i200 is great value.

Fins – If you want a good pair of fins that will last a lifetime then look no further than Mares Avanti Quattro’s. They are worn by dive guides and instructors around the world as they are bulletproof. If they are a little outside your price range then the X-Shots for men or Shot FX for women are a decent alternative.

BootsWaterproof B1 boots will keep your feet blister free. They are extremely comfortable and look great! For a cheaper alternative then the Aqua Lung Superzip Ergo boots are really good.

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