Red Sea Diving Holidays – Price of Visa goes up

If you’re about to go on a diving holiday to Egypt then you will need to purchase a Visa at the airport. The price of Visas has just increased from $15 to $20 which equates to £15.

Visas must be bought in cash and they will accept US$, Egyptian Punds, UK Pounds and Euros. Always try and have the right amount of money on you as they don’t like to hand back change!

The visas are available when you arrive in the Arrivals Hall at every Egyptian Airport, and can be purchased from the small banks. If you are travelling with a tour operator such as Thomas Cook then they often try to sell you a pre-paid visa which savings you from a few minutes queuing. Don’t be fooled though as they will put a hefty mark-up on it and try and claim the money from you on the coach on the way to your hotel.
Just queue for an extra couple of minutes!

The only time that you don’t need an Eyptian visa is if you are planning on staying in Sharm el Sheikh. As soon as you go on any tours such as diving to the National Marine Park at Ras Mohammed or the wreck of the Thistlegorm.

For more details visit the Egyptian Consulate website.

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