My Pool Dive

Hello again, I’m writing about my PADI open water pool session that I completed on the 7th September in Surrey and Berkshire, I’m now really looking forward to doing my Open Water dives in a few weeks.

The Pool session went very well and I very much enjoyed it, I was a bit nervous to start with but my instructor made me feel very comfortable and I felt I was in safe hands. All of the skill went pretty smoothly but I did have a little trouble with taking my mask off and leaving it off for 1 minute, I’m unsure why but this freaked me out,so it took me 3 attempts until I was able to complete this task – I think it was just a feeling of being unsecureso it took me a while before I could get used to this.  Andy was very patient and helpful, but being about to breathe underwater is quite odd until you become used to it, and not being able to see I, didn’t like. However everything else I enjoyed and I’m looking forward to diving in the lake.

The diving was very good, especially learning about how to keep neutrally buoyant; even though the pool was only a few metres deep I still enjoyed the little dive  😛 Thank you

I shall write another blog after my pool dive in a couple of weeks, speak to you then


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