Marsa Alam Holiday – Part Three



Day 5

Zoe had a pretty early night last night, getting in at 2am. Andrew (not Andy) has discovered a couple of Swedish girls but so far his charms haven’t resulted in any success.

A relative lie-in today, alarm sounded at 6am. A short bus ride and 45 minutes by boat we arrived at Dolphin House. The atoll receives its name from the pod of 100 or so resident Dolphins, typically Murphy’s law kicked in again and it appeared they had gone fishing for the day.

Never the less, we donned our equipment and jumped in to the crystal blue waters once again. At the start of the dive we were greeted by a family of 10 or so clown fish and even a crocodile fish lurked in the sea grass. After 5 minutes underwater we came to the small entrance of the cave. The cave itself was plenty large enough to comfortably swim through, with lots of holes and cracks to produce stunning rays of light beaming in to every corner. We entered in to single file and made our way in. Cameras were clicking away trying to capture the beauty of the different hues of blue  while we made the 5 minute journey through the cave system. We then exited in to the deep blue ocean where a stunning coral garden opened up before us.

There were no dolphins unfortunately but lots of the group rated it as their favourite dive so far.

As the first dive had been so beautiful we decided to go through the large swim through once again but this time turning left at the exit. This led to lots of coral bommies surrounded by large swathes of antheas, humbugs and clown fish.

On the boat ride home we passed a small pod of dolphins who were obviously returning home after a day of fishing.

The evening started with the usual suspects – Andy, Andrew & Zoe, Raj and the numbers made up by the rest of us. Andrew met a couple of Swedish girls and I believe he managed to complete a successful buddy check with one of them in the early hours of the morning.


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