Full Face Mask with Snorkel – the best new thing?

Join the Snorkelling Revolution with the Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask from Ocean Reef

This is the third part of our full face mask blog articles. Part one looked at the Ocean Reef full face mask, part 2 describes the underwater communication system on full face masks. This final part looks at the Aria full face mask with integrated snorkel.

Before I learnt to dive I was like most holiday makers who went to nice tropical places, I went for a snorkel. One of the reasons I decided to dive was that I loved watching the marine life and observing the colourful corals, but I hated the fact that every time a fish moved (which they tend to do quite a bit) I got a lung full of sea water.

I then had to lift my head out of the water clear the snorkel and carry on. Then within a few minutes my mask would either leak or fog up. Thankfully scuba diving has taken away many of these problems and means I can get even closer to the action.

On a recent training course learning to use full face masks we were shown the new Aria Full Face Snorkelling Mask. Like many things that are new, it did look a little strange a first and therefore made me very sceptical. As it was there and I was in a swimming pool I thought I’d give it a quick go. WOW!!!

As soon as I put the Aria on it felt comfy and I had crystal clear and massive field of vision. I then put my head in the water and was expecting the usual rush of water in to my mouth and lungs. Not a drop! The Aria has a clever devise that closes the snorkel tube as soon as it is submerged. As the air is circulated around the full face mask, it means that it never fogs up. The multiple straps at the back of the mask means it stays firmly in place. Also just being able to breath in and out of your nose and not having to have an old mouth piece that tries to pull your teeth out is a wonderful sensation.

Since using the Aria I have looked at other similar masks on the market to see what’s available. It is fair to say that many of them are cheap copies. The design and build quality is nowhere near as good and therefore not as water tight and don’t circulate the air properly meaning that it will fog up.

The Aria now also comes in a range of colours and comes in extra small, small and medium large. For most adults the medium/large will fit most faces.

While I won’t be giving up diving any time soon, it means that I can go back to enjoy snorkelling while on non-diving holidays or on my surface time.

Oyster Diving will be giving a free demonstration of the Aria mask during their pool sessions on 22nd November (7.30pm Soho) and 3rd December (12.15pm Old Windsor).

Oyster Diving Shop now stocks the Aria and you can view more details or order one today from the website.

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