Farne Islands – Seals September 2022

Farne Islands Seal and Wrecks Diving Weekend 16-18th September 2021 Members price – £330.00 Non-members price – £363.00 The Farne Islands are famous among scuba divers which is largely down to the population of around 4,500 Atlantic Grey Seals that call these rocky outcrops ‘home’. The seals are used to divers and love to interact […]

Seal Safari Lundy Island – June 2022

  Lundy Island Seal Safari Diving Weekend 10-13th June 2022   Members price – £379Non-members price – £420 Lundy island which, in 1986, was made a statutory marine nature reserve in 1986 lies at the mouth of the Bristol Channel where the cool, clear, oceanic waters from the Gulf Stream mix with the clear, but […]

Mercers Country Park Inland Diving Lake

London and the South East’s Prettiest Diving Site Mercers lake offers great diving in a beautiful location. The lake is surrounded by a country park with green forests that dog walkers and families are free to enjoy. Our partners at Aqua Sports have given us EXCLUSIVITY ON DIVING to the lake, so you won’t find […]

Portland M2 Wreck Weekend

M2 submarine Diving weekend, Portland 11-13th June 2021 Members price – £269.00Non-members price – £295.90 Incredible Diving The M2 is a pretty remarkable wreck. It’s a submarine that sank in 1932 due to an accident, and tragically all the crew were killed. The small aircraft in a hanger on the conning tower is one reason […]

DPV Day Out

Scuba Dive in the Fast Lane Throughout the Year Members price – £50.00 Non-members price – £100.00 We have recently purchased two Suex XJ VRT DPV’s for our club members to use. These scooters are used by the military and have been adapted for recreational use. They boast an impressive speed of 65m per minute […]

Sussex Dolphin Project

Helping to ensure marine wildlife is protected and valued throughout the Sussex coast. We are really pleased to associate ourselves and work with the Sussex Dolphin Project. We are working with them on a couple of their projects:– Regeneration of kelp forests; this will bring better quality water and act as a natural nursery for […]

South Coast Boat Dives (near Brighton)

South Coast Diving – Shoreham-By-Sea (Brighton) We have a lovely hard bottom boat that offers two types of trip: Easy Dives and Experienced Dives: Easy Dives ideal for beginners and less experienced divers Members – £45 – contribution boat hire, fuel and Oyster RepresentativeNon-members – £50 – contribution boat hire, fuel and Oyster Representative Price […]

Widewater Shore Dive

Widewater Shore Dive in Shoreham

Shore dive in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex Dates: throughout the year One of the benefits to living on an island is that you are never far from the coast. Only around 1.15 mins by train from London, Shoreham has an incredible local shore dive. Most people including divers, don’t realise that world class diving […]

Blue Sharks and Wrecks, Newquay

13-15th August 2021 Members price – £340Non-members price – £374 Shark Diving in the UK! Did you know there are more species of Sharks in the UK then the Red Sea? About 41 different species in total! Having spent the whole of the summer soaking up the sun’s rays, the Atlantic Ocean is the home […]