World’s Best Wreck Dives

THE WORLD OF WRECK DIVING Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands is one of the world’s best wreck dive locations, thanks to the presence of wrecks from the German High Seas Fleet, famously scuttled by their interned crews in Scapa Flow in 1919. Of the 52 vessels sunk, seven remain on […]

Review of Galapagos Master

I have been diving on various liveaboards around the for over 15 years. My liveaboard diving holiday destinations include the Red Sea, Maldives, Djibouti, Sudan, Cayman Islands and Australia. I have been on over 20 different boats with varying levels of comfort. The Galapagos Master is a large steel hull ship. It is stable in […]

DIN versus Yoke (A-clamp) Scuba Diving Regulators – which is better?

To go DIN or to go Yoke, that is the question!  There are two types of connections that allow you to attach your scuba diving regulators to the cylinder. These differences are covered off during the PADI open water course but students often forget what they are or just get confused. The two different types […]

Review of TUSA Solla Fins

TUSA Solla Full Foot Fins Review As all round warm water fins these have long been a favourite for our instructors and Divemasters. The soft rubber foot pocket means they are really comfortable compared to similar fins, this means reduced blisters and less chance of leg cramps. They are suitable for wearing in the pool […]

Philippines Siren Liveaboard – The Jewel in the Pacific

The Jewel in the Pacific on board Philippines Siren Liveaboard For the duration of the 20 years I’ve been diving and travelling the world, everyone keeps telling me “you have to go to the Philippines, you’d love it”. However, distance and price and the choice of many other great diving destinations has kept me away. […]