Dive dates Jan to Feb 15

These are the planned dates for our first quarter of 2015 including dive courses and trips. Soho pool sessions run every Tuesday evening from 7.00-9.30pm January 17th – Surrey/Berkshire pool18th – Richmond pool 24-25th – Wraysbury open water 25th – Brighton pool 31st – Surrey/Berkshire pool February 7th – Surrey/Berkshire pool 8th – Richmond pool […]

Underwater Photography Contest

Scubaverse.com has announced the launch of monthly Underwater Photography and Underwater Videography Contests on the site. Scubaverse says its new contests are ideal for people who are just starting out in either Underwater Photography or Videography (or both), and are the perfect platform for divers to use to show off their underwater imaging skills. Each […]

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Specialty of the Month Peak Performance Buoyancy Whilst not the most glamourous sounding course in the PADI Specialty repertoire, Peak Performance Buoyancy is probably the key ingredient in the recipe for becoming a good diver. If you can get your buoyancy fine-tuned then you are much more in control of your position in the water […]

Diving Dates Summer 2015

Please find a list of all of our pool sessions and open water dives between now and the end of August: Every Tuesday evening from 7pm – Pool session in Soho May 23rd/24th Wraysbury 30th/31st Plymouth June 6/7th Wraysbury 13th Pool session – St John Beaumont (12pm) 14th Pool session – Richmond (9.30am) 20th/21st Wraysbury […]

Why a Scuba Diving Course is the worlds best Christmas present

Why a Scuba Diving Course is the worlds best Christmas present! There are many reasons that learning to dive is the best Christmas present that you can give. Diving opens up endless opportunities and is one of the few sports that really does heighten all of the senses. •    Fancy being weightless like an astronaut? […]

We’re Looking for New Dive Club Members!

We’re Looking for New Members!   Are you a keen diver? Do you love exploring new diving locations while visiting various countries? Well, you’re in luck because here at Oyster Diving we are looking for new members.  We are a multi-award winning PADI Scuba Diving School with an unrivalled reputation and an interest in all things diving. We […]

Oyster Diving’s Dates 2018

OYSTER SCUBA DIVING DATES 2018The dates below do not include Tuesday evenings in Soho where we teach every week from 9th January to 18th December 2018.January20th – Surrey & Berkshire (St. Johns Beaumont School) pool 28th – South East London & Kent (Caterham) poolFebruary3-4th – Wraysbury – open water and rescue diver 3-11th  – Maldives […]

What Is The Diving at Wraysbury Dive Centre Like?

Diving at Wraysbury Lake – Diving Review You’ll often hear really mixed reviews by divers from Wraysbury. From a training and practice perspective it is superb. The sometimes challenging temperatures of the UK and reduced visibility compared to blue water diving means that divers have to learn quickly to become good. We often see that […]

Oyster Diving, the health of our oceans and the environment

Oyster Diving are committed members of PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors), Project Aware and a number of other Environmental Associations and with this commitment comes an ongoing dedication to ensure that a message of respect for our oceans and the planet is passed on to each and every student we teach to dive. […]

Support the London Dive Chamber

This is an e-mail that we received from our friends at the London Dive Chamber who are potentially facing closure…. URGENT: POTENTIAL CLOSURE OF HYPERBARIC CHAMBERS NHS England’s public consultations for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) opened recently – see https://www.engage.england.nhs.uk/consultation_finder/?keyword=hyperbaric and below for the specific policy on decompression illness: https://www.engage.england.nhs.uk/consultation/comm-pol-hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy-decompression They include a proposal to reduce the number […]

Everything You Need to Know About World Turtle Day

Everything You Need to Know About World Turtle Day The 23rd of May is an important day for divers, environmentalists and animal activists around the world. It’s World Turtle Day! This special day has been created to raise awareness and respect for turtles and tortoises, encouraging people worldwide to take action and care for their […]

Oyster Diving Celebrate The First 2018 Underwater Games

On the evening of Saturday 14th July 20 Scuba divers made their way to The Marshall Street Leisure Centre in Soho to participate in the first ever Underwater Games. Created to support the Scuba Trust and Excellent development; the tournament introduced Olympic-style sports to the swimming pool and scuba diving. The opening to the competition […]

Under the Water

Scuba Divers Can Now Go Camping Underwater in a Portable ‘Tent’

If you’re a regular scuba diver, you’ll know the hassle of having to constantly head up for air, so you don’t die. Sadly, the human body has yet to … read more Oceans S1 Scuba Dive Computer Team Oceans has created a new scuba dived computer complete with buddy communication system which they have launched […]

Blue fishes in the Great Barrier Reef

Underwater Photography Guide to the Great Barrier Reef

Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef is on most divers’ bucket lists for a reason. Hundreds of species of animals coexist with amazing, vibrant corals, which conspire to blow your mind. Subsequently, many people will want to capture their experience digitally so they can relive it on land. So … read more MCS Kayak […]

Africas coast

Champions Embark on Cliff Diving Safari in South Africa

It was the Bourke’s Luck Potholes that attracted the cliff divers’ attention most during their quest for untouched take-off spots a month prior to the … read more Will Smith Conquers His Fear and Dives with 13ft Sharks To get over his fear — which he “blames” Steven Spielberg for because of Jaws —Smith, 50, […]