Longest Ever Scuba Dive

NEW World Record – Longest Ever Scuba Dive 3,961 miles Fred  Bolton has just made scuba diving history by completing the world’s longest scuba dive.  Fred, a PADI scuba diving instructor for Oyster Diving, has become the first person to scuba dive across the Atlantic. He set off from Porthkerris in Cornwall on 1st March 2011 and […]

Refresh Your Dive Skills

Keeping Your Dive Skills Fresh and Up to Date There’s no denying it that once you’ve learnt to dive, the best way to keep your dive skills up to scratch is to dive regularly. You can either carry on diving on holiday or there are dozens of fantastic dive sites in the UK. Our Dive […]

Equipping your SuperYacht

Scuba diving provides a truly unique and unforgettable experience for you and your family, friends and guests. It is the only leisure activity that combines tranquillity, adrenalin, exercise and relaxation. You experience what it feels like to be weightless, witness intoxicating colours and delve into the underwater world; one containing a breath-taking variety of species […]


Scuba Diving in Hurghada, Egypt Don’t worry; I couldn’t pronounce it the first time round either, but don’t let that put you off! Hurghada is a small fishing village located on the eastern coastline of Egypt. It stretches for about 20 miles along Egypt’s beautiful seashore and is packed with loads to do. Due to […]

London Diving Schools

Other Diving Centres in London where you can ‘Learn to Dive’. There are a number of dive centres in London offering PADI, SSI and BSAC courses. As far as we are aware we are the only 5 start PADI dive centre with a fully bonded travel centre. We are not recommending or condoning these centres […]

Clown Fish

What’s the Difference Between Deep Sea Diving, Snorkelling, and Scuba Diving?

Deep sea diving, snorkelling, and scuba diving are three of the most popular underwater activities. They allow divers to explore and admire the wide variety of marine life, corals, and adventures the ocean holds. However, all three of these diving methods are very different and differ greatly in the ways they allow divers to explore […]

The World of Triggerfish, Everything You Wanted to Know

Description Triggerfish have an oval shape and they have a compress body configuration. The colours insist of blue, yellow, black and grey. They have detailed designs that often include lines and spots. The colour schemes allow to blend in well with their habitat. Triggerfish vary in size based on location but they can grow up […]

The World Of Whale Sharks, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

The World of Whale Sharks Whale Sharks aren’t a whale The Whale Shark is the largest fish in the world The largest confirmed individual had a length if 12.65 metres (41.50 ft) and a weight of more than 21.5 metric tons (47,000 lb), and there are unconfirmed reports of considerably larger whale sharks. Claims of […]

The Art of Discovering Snorkelling | Tips on Learning to Snorkel

70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. Sticking to dry land means you miss out on some of the planet’s greatest gems. From turquoise blue waters, colourful marine life that comes in all shapes and sizes and pristine coral reefs are just some of the reasons to get in to snorkelling. As well […]

How to Get Qualified as a diver and pass your PADI Open Water course

You may not realise it but you’ve already done the hard part, actually getting round to seeing how to get qualified as a diver. The PADI open water course is the world’s most popular diver certification and is recognised around the world. Oyster Diving are the UK’s premier scuba diving and travel centre. We are […]

Which Training Agency to Use for Recreational diving

We often get asked which diver training agency is the best? To answer this we must first understand the difference between recreational and technical diving. Recreational diving or sport diving is a type of diving that uses SCUBA equipment for the purpose of leisure and enjoyment. In some diving circles, the term ‘recreation diving’ is […]

Diver in open water

The Diving Refresher Course and Why You May Need to Take it

Diving requires a number of skills and rules that need to be remembered for an individual to safely enjoy their dive. However, often the busyness of daily life can mean that diving vacations and local trips are postponed, even for long periods of time. Months or years can pass between dives and when this happens, […]

How to Scuba Dive

We are often asked by our friends in pubs or friends of our other customers ‘how do you scuba dive’? Providing you follow a few basic safety rules and learn to use the equipment then learning to dive is easy. Can you teach yourself? If you’re an idiot then the answer is “yes”, however I […]

Best Dive in London

Last night seven of us made our way down to the London Dive Chamber in Central London. We were greeted there by a friendly team who handed us our blue scrubs, made us complete a quick quiz (the reason for which will be come clear later on) and gave us a short presentation and safety […]

The World Of Ice Diving, Everything You Wanted to Know

Ice diving is a type of ‘penetration diving’, (or overhead diving) where the diver enters a space which has no direct, vertical ascent to the safety of air from the atmosphere at the surface. There are many types of penetration diving like; Cave diving, wreck diving, ice diving or other man-made underwater structures or enclosures. […]

The World of Turtles – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Facts on Turtles -Turtles have no teeth -Turtles are reptiles -Their shells are made from fifty different bones -The earliest turtles evolved over 200 million years ago -The largest Turtles is the Leatherback which can grow up to 10 feet long  -The smallest Turtle is the Speckled Padloper which grow up to 5 inches long […]

Guide to Underwater Photography

Guide to Underwater Photography Underwater Photography is the process of taking photography while under water. It is usually done while scuba diving, but can be done while diving on surface supply, snorkelling, swimming from a submersible or remotely operated underwater vehicle,  or from automated cameras lowered from the surface. Underwater photography can also be categorised as […]

Introduction to Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography is the process of taking photography while under water. It is usually done while scuba diving, but can be done while diving on surface supply, snorkelling, swimming from a submersible or remotely operated underwater vehicle,  or from automated cameras lowered from the surface. Underwater photography can also be categorised as an art from […]

Top 5 Summer & Winter Scuba Diving Destinations

Top 5 Summer Destinations 1. Mexico, Cozumel Ranked no.1 by PADI as dive destination and featuring on almost every diver’s must-dive destination list, the island of Cozumel off the Mayan Coast of Mexico is a feast for any divers eye. Famous for its drift diving, Cozumel is a lazy diver’s paradise with currents that range from […]

Famous Scuba Divers

Scuba Diving isn’t just a sport for the likes of you and me. More and more celebrities are putting on their masks and going for a dive. As well as escaping the crowds, finding peace and quiet and witnessing an intoxicating part of our planet, scuba diving is also very good exercise. In fact you […]

8 Fishy Facts – Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Marine Life

Here at Oyster Diving we are passionate about diving and exploring the natural beauty of the world’s magnificent oceans. Once you descend into the depths, it is so easy to forget everything else, leave your worries on the shore and marvel at the sights before you. It does not matter how many times you go […]

Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Snorkelling

Snorkelling can be an extremely exciting and liberating experience. You can come across a variety of marine life and every snorkelling trip will be different, in some way, from the last. However, while snorkelling is a very enjoyable and easy sport, without some basic skills, good experience, and knowledge about the dangers of the ocean, […]

Scuba Diving Locations UK: Where You Need to Visit in 2017

When you think of scuba diving, the first thing that would come to many people’s minds are vast, tropical paradises, colourful fish, and warm weather. However, many people simply do not have the funds, nor the time to escape from their busy lives in order to pursue these scuba diving desires. Don’t worry though, here […]