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Best Diving in Europe

When you book a place on one of our superb diving packages to any European destination, you will get exceptional value for money. With short, direct flights from the UK to across Europe, you can enjoy a life-changing trip with top scuba diving at low-cost destinations on the continent, such as mainland Spain, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Croatia and Malta. You can even dive in the UK too.

Got your dream destination in mind already? Take a look at some of our European diving holiday destinations below. You can book a spot on a trip today to make sure you reserve your place:

Our team can cater to scuba divers of all levels. Beginners can hone their skills by taking dive courses at one of our many UK dive centres, to build confidence and enjoy safe, mind-blowing dive trips in Europe. All of our PADI-certified instructors are highly skilled in helping beginners.

Once experienced, divers can enjoy exceptional dive spots, including wreck diving among historic sunken vessels, cave diving through impressive geologic rock formations and other dive sites teeming with marine life. 

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Discover Europe’s Best Places to Scuba Dive

While you can enjoy diving in Italy, Greece, France and several other European countries, our handpicked destinations include carefully-curated diving packages to nations that offer warm water temperatures, comfortable accommodations, friendly locals and great value for money.

The following is some further information on what our holiday packages can offer when you decide to book a trip to one of our favourite diving destinations in Europe:

The Best Diving in Croatia

If you have a curious, adventurous nature then the wreck diving and cave diving of Croatia are outstanding options. Nestled in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia has many astonishing dive sites, with clear waters and warm temperatures that will rival any diving destination in the Mediterranean.

diving croatia

Here are a few highlights of the best places to dive in Croatia while on your incredible dive trip:

  • Diving in the wreck of the Flamingo: After sinking in 1914 the Flamingo shipwreck became famous for being a dive site that remains in exceptionally good condition. A few miles from the cultural city of Pula, the Flamingo can make for a fantastic day trip.
  • Exploring the cave of Bezdan: The caves are on the island of Koločep, by Dubrovnik. Bezdan means ‘The Abyss’, and this cave drops to 60 metres (m). This is a top dive if you like wrecks too, as the Aurora lies near this spot too – just 16 metres underwater.
  • Swimming with marine life around the SS Luana: Another wreck dive, this 49-metre plunge is teeming with life. Situated on the northern coast of Dalmatia, the wreck is sheltered from stronger currents, so it attracts fish and creates a very tranquil dive site.
diving in croatia

Croatia may not spring to mind as a world-class dive spot, but it is! If you are hoping to experience some of the best diving in Europe then it is an excellent choice. Alongside diving, you will have plenty of options for food, culture and much more in this superb holiday destination.

You can view our Croatia diving holidays page or contact us to discuss your dream dive trip.

The Best Diving in Lanzarote

The northernmost of Spain’s Canary Islands, Lanzarote, is one of the best places for all kinds of holidays. If you want a combination of beach, sun and outstanding diving then you can get it here. Currents are manageable, temperatures are comfortable and marine life is plentiful.

fish diving in lanzarote

It is no wonder people flock to the diving locations of Lanzarote, here are a couple of top sites:

  • Viewing volcanic rock formations in Mala: A shallow cave dive, Mala is a great dive for lots of fish, shallow caves or rocks and warm waters. One thing to look out for is the lava tubes, which are cavernous formations from the island’s past volcanic activity.
  • Scaling deep walls and cliffs in Punta Tiñosa: This is a much deeper dive than the one in Mala but offers a completely different landscape. You can swim down to depths of up to 40 m with very gentle currents and explore the vast underwater rock walls.
  • Entering the awe-inspiring La Catedral: An advanced cave dive but with guaranteed life-changing impact! La Catedral is a huge cave that suits divers of many levels, and the sheltered position attracts a lot of angel sharks, moray eels and other marine life.
cave diving lanzarote

Lanzarote is a destination that can offer some of the best diving in Europe, alongside many other types of holidays. So, if you are with a group of mixed-skill divers, snorkelers or people who would just prefer to relax on the beach, we can find a great-value package that is ideal for all.

Take a look at our dedicated Lanzarote diving page or simply get in touch to learn more.

The Best Diving in Malta

Malta is an island of just 122 square miles, which means you are always close to the coast. Diving spots are abundant and snorkelers or scuba divers are often seen on shore dives. Malta has reefs, caves and wrecks to explore, so it is easily one of the best places to dive in Europe.

Malta Diving Holidays

We offer wonderful itineraries with trips to many diving locations in Malta, such as the following:

  • Exploring the Gozo archipelago: There are lots of reefs, wrecks and plenty of marine life in Gozo, and the crystal clear waters make it ideal for underwater photography. It is also very close to the reputable Paradise Diving School, so you can do a course too.
  • Visiting Comino island: Divers and non-divers will enjoy Comino’s Blue Lagoon, a top tourist site of Malta famed for its sheltered, beautiful, blue waters. Just a few minutes boat ride away you can get away from the crowds and dive at caves and wrecks.
  • Swimming in artificial reefs: Throughout Maltese waters lies many a historic wreck, but there are some outstanding artificial reefs to visit there too. Several scuttled ships, perfectly placed in the sea, attract lots of marine life and are easily accessible by boat.
malta diving shipwreck

With luxury resort packages available we can offer something for all tastes and levels of skill. One of the best places is the Paradise Bay Resort, which is very secluded and tranquil. If you want a winter break we also offer weekend dive breaks in Malta from November to February.

View our Malta diving page, or if you want to find out what is available now please get in touch.

The Best Diving in Spain

Spain has many of the best diving spots in Europe, some of which we have mentioned in the Lanzarote section above, but there are lots of scuba diving opportunities a bit closer to the Iberian Peninsula. The climate, waters and impressive tourism industry make it a top location. 

A grouper found on a scuba dive in Spain

There are many places to go scuba diving in Spain. You may enjoy the following incredible trips:

  • Dive with barracuda in La Mariana: Situated on the island of Ibiza, just off the south coast of Spain, La Mariana is known as a breeding place for various species of fish. As a result, it explodes with marine life several times a year and offers superb diving.
  • Exploring underwater landscapes in Galicia: The dive sites in this region of northern Spain are fantastic for all skill levels. The jagged coastline has rock formations with very calm currents and warm waters. Galicia dives are available at any time of the year.
  • Taking in the dive sites of Catalonia: There are lots of dive sites and snorkel spots in Catalonia, including in and near the iconic city of Barcelona. You can combine a city, beach and dive trip, so it is easily one of the best places to dive in Europe.
A school of barracudas in Spain

Spain has one of the biggest tourism economies in the world, and for good reason! The warmth, sun and sea make it an outstanding holiday destination, and it just so happens to have many great dive spots on its mainland. Spain is perfect for simple, low-cost travel from the UK.

View our diving in Spain page for more information or contact us to discuss our packages.

The Best Diving in Tenerife

If you want to dive in Europe but demand paradise, then Tenerife is a fantastic option. The temperatures make Tenerife an ideal diving location all year round, but you can find plenty of options for a beach or resort holiday package too. Dives include wrecks, caves and shore dives.

tenerife dive

Tenerife offers a lot of places to dive, you might want to experience the following fantastic spots:

  • Exploring El Peñon: This is an artificial wreck that was sunk for diving in 2006, and it is a great place to see lots of marine life. You can explore the wreck itself too, which is remarkably intact, from a distance it looks like a perfectly submerged model boat.
  • Viewing Tenerife’s La Catedral: That’s right, Tenerife has its own ‘La Catedral’. Like the one in Lanzarote, it has an immensely large cave and a lot of marine life to swim with. This site is good for many skill levels and offers lots of opportunities for photography.
  • Swimming in Montaña Amarilla: Located on the southern point of Tenerife, this spot lets you view some impressive volcanic rock formations. Thousands of years of geology are visible through clear, warm waters. There is also a very well-populated reef nearby.
Diving in Tenerife

If you are looking for the best cave or wreck diving in Europe Tenerife is arguably a contender for the number one spot. The marine life is just as diverse as in Lanzarote, but there are a lot more dive schools and fewer tourist spots dotted throughout Tenerife.

Check out our diving in Tenerife page for more information, or just get in touch to book now.

Why Not Try Diving in the UK?

There are several places in the UK where you can dive, such as Cornwall and Scotland. While the dive sites often have stronger currents, colder waters and the sites are only available at certain times of the year, one could argue they offer some of the most exceptional diving in Europe.

We have a trip to Scotland’s Scapa Flow, which offers some of the world’s best wrecks, available to book now for 2023. You can also enjoy some exciting upcoming trips that include shark dives in Cornwall, as well as several short trips to view seals and dolphins in the south of the UK. 

Contact us to find out the latest on what UK dive trips we have available.

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