Aqua Lung Scuba Diving Equipment

Aqua Lung – The World’s leading Diving Equipment Manufacturer

Aqua Lung are the worlds largest scuba diving equipment manufacturer and they are the biggest for a very good reason – they build high quality equipment at very reasonable prices. They have ranges to suit most pockets, are stylish, comfortable and reliable. Established in 1942 Aqua Lung has been the leader in manufacturing equipment for adventure and product innovation ever since.

We believe Aqua Lung are so good that we applied to become an Aqua Lung Partner Centre, one of only a handful in the UK. This means that most of our school kit is made by Aqua Lung and it means that we offer great prices and a large selection of their products.

Some of our favourite items Aqua Lung produce include:

Regulators – Cores for general use, Legend LX for people who want great performance and the Mikron’s which are great for travel

BCD’s: The Pro HD (male) and Pearl are great mid-range BCD’s but are feature rich and the Axiom (men) and Soul (female) are both high-end comfortable BCD’s that are highly durable and have the option to come with the i3 system. The i3 inflation system allows you to be in any position in the water and inflate and deflate. Standard BCD’s have a corrugated hose which you need to hold upright to deflate.

Drysuits: We love the Fusion dry suits, especially the Bullet and Fit. They are a great fit whatever your size and shape , have great durability and you get a lot less air trapped inside compared to other dry suits making buoyancy control and air management much easier.

Masks – The Favola tends to be a great fit for most adults, are low profile and good field of vision. They come free (as at February 2017) with all of our PADI open water courses.

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